6363_SFPinball_0167fIn case you haven’t noticed, we at Orange have an affinity for pinball.  We’ve been documenting the resurgence in pinball over the past couple years, and have even had a pinball machine at the studio (with a new Iron Man coming soon!).

Since we have always been philanthropic through our Social Photography program, we decided there was a great way to merge that with pinball and photography and as such, have decided to throw a charity pinball tournament on Sunday June 22nd.

It will benefit First Exposures, whom we have been supporting for many years.  First Exposures is a San Francisco-based, nationally recognized youth mentoring program that strives to make a major long-term difference in the lives of high-need, underserved San Francisco Bay Area youth by providing a venue for them to enhance their self-confidence, develop their creativity, and gain a passion for learning. You can find out more about them at their website: http://firstexposures.org/

The pinball tournament will have a $15 entry fee that will go to First Exposures.  Although there will be some top players there will also be many newcomers and as this will be an IFPA sanctioned tournament, anyone playing in their first pinball tournament will become an internationally ranked pinball player!  Beginners and those interested in pinball are definitely welcome as there will be many folks here who can give you tips on play, etc.

We have a Facebook page setup for the tournament here and the Bay Area Pinball blog also has posted information on the tournament.